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We are a roof leak repair specialist. Why spend $1,000s on a new rooftop when a high quality repair will do? Most companies will advise you to replace when you get a roof leak. In most cases it can be repaired.

Through proprietary methods, our company certified roofers perform exclusive leak repair recommendations and provide a written estimate. Our dispatched service works around your schedule. As a courtesy, we’ll remind you of your scheduled appointment. Although some roofers can offer a cheap leak repair, they may lack the experience to do so correctly. Avoid premature replacement; talk with us first.

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Roof Restoration Adelaide have done a lot of work for us. They started with repairing our tiled roof, then pressure cleaned it. They moved onto replacing a fence between us and our neighbours. Roof Restoration Adelaide made the process as painless as possible. They are professional tradesmen at the right price.


Fairview Park

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