Roof & Gutter Restoration

Roofs are constantly exposed to the elements, and because of this are subject to significant wear and tear. It is essential that a roof is in good order because if it isn’t, it may leak and cause costly damage to your home. It is best to take preventative action when it comes to roof maintenance. Roof Restoration Adelaide have a vast amount of experience in the roofing industry, and can perform repairs to any type of roof.

If you notice:

  • cracked tiles;
  • loose mortar or pointing compound;
  • rusted iron;
  • overflowing gutters;
  • water damage to the inside of your home (typically on the ceilings);
  • or any other roof defect

you should contact Roof Restoration Adelaide for a free, no-obligation quote.

Roof Restoration Adelaide also provides a 24 hour emergency leak fix service, should your roof leak at an inopportune time.

Our other services include household fencing and driveway sealing. If the concrete around your home is looking dull and uninviting, let us rejuvinate its appearance by pressure spraying it and applying a durable concrete paint which will endure wear & tear for many years to come!


Roof Restoration Adelaide have done a lot of work for us. They started with repairing our tiled roof, then pressure cleaned it. They moved onto replacing a fence between us and our neighbours. Roof Restoration Adelaide made the process as painless as possible. They are professional tradesmen at the right price.


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